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The traditional art of using an age-old method of slowly air drying and curing meats has been passed down from generation to generation of a long line of salami artisans here at Busseto. Each of our superior specialty meats is a labor of love. Ingredients, passion, & time are the key elements in every bite.

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Charcutrie Diagram

Tastefully Selected:

Prosciutto Title
Classico Nuggets
Classico Nuggets Title
Chorizo Nuggets
Chorizo Nuggets Title
Classic Nuggets
Sliced Classico Title
Sliced Pepper Coated
Sliced Pepper Coated Title
Chocolate Covered Almonds
Chocolate Covered Almonds Title
Mike's Hot Honey
Mike's Hot Honey Title

								Imported Greek Olive Medley
Greek Olive Medley Title
Artisan Style Provolone Cheese
Artisan Style Provolone Cheese Title

								Artisan Style Asiago Cheese
Artisan Style Asiago Cheese Title